About Us

Welcome to the Hatcatcher® website, and congratulations if you have just purchased your first Hatcatcher®

We have endeavored to produce a product that is simple yet functional for your enjoyment. Where possible we have used biodegradable material in the product as well as the packaging.
Our product is Made in England and where possible materials used in the making of this product are sourced in the UK.

The Hatcatcher® is a completely new product to the market, the idea was born out of necessity as all the best inventions are. Its function is simple. It is designed to prevent your hat from blowing away or falling to the ground in windy or breezy weather. It will attach to hats, caps, berets, and importantly to hats with brims such as fedora type hats or sun hats. It is completely detachable and can be swopped between hats, and is fitted or detached in seconds. 
Any person with a hat has probably experienced losing their hat in the wind, or maybe overboard if sailing a boat, even just gardening. This can be annoying to the point where many people avoid wearing their hat in breezy or windy weather, or at the least wear it in a nervous state expecting it to come off at any second.
Just knowing you won't lose it - even if it comes off is very calming. The Hatcatcher® would be beneficial to any person wearing a hat. Golfing, sailing, walking, gardening, on holiday, even those with mobility problems such as the elderly or the infirm who would find it impossible to chase a blown hat.

Hatcatcher Ltd will continue to add products to the range . . so watch this space.


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